Golden Eagle Hall of Fame History

In 1991, in an effort to recognize East High graduates who excelled in their chosen fields, teachers Dennis Shearer and Jim Farley - and Charles Rodriquez, then principal of East High School - formulated a plan to achieve this dream.

Mr. Shearer and Mr. Farley, both outstanding woodworking professionals, agreed to build showcases to highlight outstanding graduates. As each showcase was built, the valedictorian and salutatorian for each year were listed on engraved plaques. A special showcase was then built to honor the valedictorian, salutatorian, and top ten seniors for the current school year. In addition, a showcase was built to honor the past principals of East High School. This project was completed in 1996.

As time went on with this plan, a dream was conceived to honor outstanding graduates for their contributions to the community, state, nation, and world. It was decided that non-graduates who contributed outstanding amounts of service to East should also be recognized. Guidelines for selection to the Golden Eagle Award (Hall of Fame) took two years to complete. During this time, the selection of the nominating committee was completed.  The first Hall of Fame committee included Bernadette Padula, Jack Pecoraro, Jim Potestio, Dennis Shearer, and Carol Wheeler.

The first induction ceremony for the Golden Eagle Hall of Fame took place on April 25, 1997.

Golden Eagle Hall of Fame Today

Alumni are recognized for outstanding endeavors in their professional careers, community involvement, philanthropic giving, or service to East High School.

The induction ceremonies are conducted each spring where recipients are able to address the current East High student body, faculty and community members. Inductee's photos and names are featured prominently within East’s main hall.


We are always looking for worthy inductees into the East High Golden Eagle Hall of Fame. If you know of someone, please see the Hall of Fame Nomination and the Service to East High nomination forms for information.  

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Service to East High Nomination Form

2014 Inductees

Daniel V. Pryor, Ph.D.
Class of 1969

Photo coming soon.
Mitch Trujillo
Class of 1976

Photo coming soon.

2013 Inductees

Hoy E. Frakes, Jr. 
Class of 1971

Hoy E. Frakes

Gene "Scooter" Wilcoxson
Class of 1969

Gene Wilcoxson

Richard Lee Wolfe, Ph.D.
Class of 1967

Richard Lee Wolfe

2012 Inductees

Rear Admiral William Bailey,
Class of 1966

Ellie Sue Schafer,
Class of 1986

John Caligaris,
Class of 1977

2011 Inductees

Paul Pedersen, Ph.D.,
Class of 1988

Admiral D. Gordon Russell,  
Class of 1968

Sandra L. Harbert,
Class of 1965

2011 Hall of Fame Inductee Bios

Past Recipients

John R. Giardino, Ph.D. 1997 Rev. Father Carlos Alvarez, 2003
Tracy Ellen Hilvtz-Patch, 1997 Eddie R. Bailey, 2003
Judge Gerald A. Marroney, 1997 James Potestio, 2003
Harvey McClung, M.D., 1997 Jesse Sena, 2003
Honorable Gilbert Romero, 1997 Sandy Gecewicz, 2004
Silviano L. Arguello, M.D., 1998 Michael Lucero, 2004
Jeffrey Louis Halaas, M.D., 1998 Thomas Michael "Mike" Waters, 2004
Fred Jacobs, 1998 Miles Gilbert Yeagley, M.D., 2004
Charles Thompson, 1998 Chris Torres, 2005
C. Barry Blocher, 1999 Warren Carere, 2005
Ronald L. Davis, Ph.D. 1999 James S. Hernandez, M.D., 2006
Daniel L. Hernandez, 1999 Catherine Maloney, 2006
Mark A. Horton, 1999 Anne Kilstofte, Ph.D, 2007
Bernadette Padula, 1999 William "Bill" Lucero, 2007
Larry Medina, 2000 Joe Garcia, 2008
Ronald J. Robinson, Ph.D. 2000 Andrea Gardner, 2008
Lt. Col. Philip Salinas, 2000 Mark Kilstofte, D.M.A., 2008
Pamela Shae, 2000 Thomas B. Autobee, D.D.S., 2009
Gloria Trujillo-Sanchez, Ph.D., 2000 Scott DeTurk, 2009
Colonel Jeff Chostner, 2001 James S. Arellano, 2010
Mattye Pollard-Cole, 2001 Melvin Spence, 2010
Chester "Bill" Corder, 2001
Kenneth L. Lane, 2001
Dr. Michael Cozzetta, 2002
Dan DeRose, 2002
Colonel Frank Gallegos, 2002

Contact Information

Pueblo East High School Alumni Foundation 
9 MacNeil Road 
Pueblo, Colorado 81001 
719-523-5248 (fax)